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5 Things You Need For A Perfect Lohri Party
5 Things You Need For A Perfect Lohri Party

The first festival of the year is hitting on the doors. So be a generous host and let it enter, right away!

Prudishness away, if you are establishing grounds for the perfect Lohri party at your place, we will tell you just the things you need for a flawless party at home. So hold your backs, and get ready to explore these things! 

First Of All, The Bonfire

Of course, the party is incomplete without the bonfire, especially when it’s a cold and great occasion like Lohri. So try gathering some dry woods and dry leaves to make a bonfire and make your night pleasant and warm.

Rewari, Popcorn, Gachak & Peanuts

Once you have lit up the bonfire, it’s now time to have the favorite Lohri snacks. Incorporate Rewari, popcorn, Gachak, and peanuts in your pooja thali and toss some of them in the bonfire. And, in case if you are thinking of where to buy these snacks, worry not, you can easily order them online from the grocery stores, for instance, Onlinesupermarket. 

Winter Foods

Since Lohri marks the harvesting of winter crops, it is customary to eat winter foods on this day. The fabulous Punjabi dinner comprises Sarson da saag and Makki di roti, til ki barfi, gur ki roti, makhane ki kheer. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Traditional Attire

Dressing up properly supplements the essence of any festival. If it is a Lohri theme party, then dressing up gets all the more pleasure. Ideally, people go in for traditional dressing. 

At Last, Music

Any sort of party is incomplete without music. So either hire a person with a dhol or attach your smartphone to the speakers and dance. 

To wrap it up, these are some of the things you need for a perfect Lohri party at home. Hopefully, this piece of information may better help you in your future endeavors.

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