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5 Health Benefits Of Eating Red Cabbage
Health Benefits Of Eating Red Cabbage

Red cabbage belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family. Its dark purple-reddish color differs from others. Like other colorful vegetables, it is also abundant in nutrients and has numerous health benefits. Below are some of them. 

Enhances immunity

Richer in vitamin C than orange makes red cabbage a disease-free vegetable. Also, vitamins A & C and antioxidants present in it better and strengthen the immune system. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body and hence improves metabolism. 

Aids in preventing cancer

Being abundant in antioxidants, for instance, anthocyanins and indoles- it helps fight cancer. Also, these antioxidants act against disease-causing free radicals, which are the toxic by-products of cellular metabolism. 

Promotes weight loss

Red cabbage being low on calorie and high in dietary fiber, and collectively with a property of other vital nutrients, is an ideal option for all weight watchers. It keeps you filled, limits you from overeating, and at the same time, meets your nutritional necessities. 

Gives clear skin

Eating cabbage will make you supplement beautifying results to your skin, indicating that this whole vegetable will make your skin look nourished and clean. So, if you are experiencing acne, skin rashes, and skin irritations, then it is suggested that you consume red cabbage regularly.

Contributes to healing

Red cabbage carries an extensive measure of amino acid glutamine. This particular amino acid helps in decreasing the inflammation and pain linked with ulcers in the gastrointestinal system. 

As previously mentioned, red cabbage is a nutrient-rich veggie associated with a variety of health benefits. This vegetable is likewise amazingly versatile and one of the most cost-efficient ways to unite helpful antioxidants to your diet. 

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